About Us

About The Kiwanis Club of Fayette County

Chartered, November 1, 1951

Fayette County was through the years up to the 1940’s a strictly rural community, having a railroad but no paved highways. During the late 1940’s, with newly paved State Highways 85, 54 and 74, things began  to happen, not the least of which was the organization of the county’s first Civic Club, as we know them today.

A newcomer to Fayette County, Robert K. Price who was a pledged candidate for membership in the KIWANIS CLUB of West End-Atlanta (where he had his business) decided that he would rather be a KIWANIAN in Fayette County. He notified the West End Club and an amazing series of events followed in the next few days. Down to Fayetteville came several Kiwanians from the Atlanta West End Club, several from the Henry County Club and the KIWANIS Lieutenant Governor, Lambdin Kay. A meeting of interested prospects was called together by Bob Price and Duncan Mitchell and that night enough people signed a petition to assure the formation of the new KIWANIS CLUB-of Fayette County.

Within the week, additional names were added to the petition and the next meeting held on September 21, 1951, became the organization meet-ing, seventeen days from first discussion. Over thirty members were present for the organization, which was held at Nipper’s Cafe in the old Railroad Station in Fayetteville. It was decided that the new Club should serve the entire county in all of the areas of service for which KIWANIS clubs are famous.

Fast forward to 2024 and the Kiwanis Club of Fayette County is still serving Fayette County through its charitable activities. We currently stand  at 23 members and continue to grow.

In the past year we have held a Halloween Witches Ride which raised funds for a local refuge for foster children, a Toys for Tots event which provided children with toys  for Christmas, a kettle corn sale raising money for a local food pantry and, of course, our premier event “Suds on the Square” a beer, wine, and music fest which raised money for various charities. This year’s fest has been moved to Town at Trilith in Fayetteville and renamed “Suds on the Parkway”. It promises to be bigger and better than ever.